Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the rules?

Here are the rules; Please make sure you share this with all of your party and everybody understands them!

Payment Terms: A deposit of $200.00 is due to reserve each vehicle. The price of your charter is quoted as a cash price.

If you want to pay CASH, Chase Quick Pay or Venmo us to bypass credit card processing fee.

The client assumes full financial liability, including consequential damages, for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any member of their party.

Cleaning Fee:
Sanitation fee of $250.00 will be charged if vomiting occurs in the vehicle.
If vehicle is left dirty by any member of the party in the vehicle there will be clean up fees starting at a minimum of $100.

Theft or vandalism to any establish will result in termination of the tour immediately with NO REFUND. This includes pint or wine glasses. ( Buy them and support a small business)

Cancellation Policy Normally: Canceling prior to 30 days of the departure date a Full refund will be granted. Cancelling within 30 days the deposit will not be refunded but can be transferred to a future date.

Covid19 Cancellation Policy: We will refund anything anytime due to Covid19 except the deposit which will be held and transferred to a future date.

Safety is our priority here at SSBB.



ITEM 200


When damage occurs or cleanup is necessary, due to acts or actions of chartering party, the person causing the damage or cleanup will be responsible for the cost of the repairs or cleaning charges, subject to a $200.00 minimum charge.

If the charges for repairs or cleaning exceeds the $200.00, chartering party will be responsible for the additional cost for damage or cleaning.  




ITEM 250




A reservations shall be made with carrier prior to transportation of passenger or passengers


A deposit of $100.00 will be made on a private tour booking. Deposit will be made by cash, check or credit card with carrier’s online payment services. If no cancellation is made, deposit will be applied on the total charge for the services.


When reservation is canceled seventy-two (72) hours prior to scheduled pickup time, all deposit will be refunded. If reservation is canceled less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to pickup time, no refund will be made.

What is the best way to contact SSBB?

Contact us through our lead form and fill out the information. We will get all your information and send you a responding email with some useful information.

What size vehicles do you have for our group?

Buses/ Ford Transit Vans:
Min. 8 passenger for wine tours and 10 spots paid for brew tours
Max-14 per vehicle
(You must pay for minimum 8 Drinker tickets to have your own private bus if less than 8 guests)
Lincoln Navigator 4-7 guests (Minimum of 4 Drinker spots must be paid)
Mercedes Sprinter Van 6-9 guests (Minimum of 6 Drinker spots must be paid)

Do I have to be 21 to ride the brew bus?

No, we do not serve any alcoholic beverages. We have non drinker rates for our all inclusive packages.

What add-on services do you offer?

Vacation rentals are not cheap and your time together with friends / family is priceless. Leave the groceries, cooking, and cleaning to us. You guys sit back with your drinks and relish the moment while we sizzle up some tasty dishes.

Add-on service:
Personal Chef / Catering options by H2 Entertainment
Remove any stress from your weekend away and let us Cater to you. Crack open a bottle from your tour and let our Chef's Cook up a Night of Exceptional Taste.

Bachelorette’s whether you’ve been close since grade school or met at college, sharing the bride-to-be special moments with each other is priceless.
Bachelorette group photo sessions is one of the raging trends in the photography industry. The holiday of the bride is totally worth capturing memories forever.
Professional Photography services by Sparkle Pink Photography
Keep a wine glass in your hand and the phone in your pocket, Let a Professional Photographer capture the best moments from your day on the Wine Trail!
(30 min sessions to ride alongs are available)

Night Time Taxi / Charter Transportation by South Shore Brew Bus
Let us drive you to dinner or a night out on town safe and responsible. ( Discounted rates available for groups using our services already)

What is included in the All Inclusive wine tour?

Visit 3 wineries plus 1 lunch stop (Total of 4 places)
Tour guide throughout the day pampering / catering to your group
We buy lunch at either Round Barn Public House, Tabor Hill, or The Strand (Preordered for prompt service)
1- Entrée & 1- Drink at Lunch (vino, beer, or a cocktail)
Up to 7 hours of transportation with door-to-door pickup and drop off (depending on pickup location)
All the bartender’s, servers, & tasting consultant’s gratuity included
All the tasting fees, samples, & flights included throughout the day
All the scheduling, logistics and reservations all done by us
Mimosas & Jell-O Shots
Charcuterie board with meats, cheese, & fruits- 1 for groups of (4-6). 2 for groups of (7-10). 3 for groups of (11-14).
Ice cold bottled water throughout the day
Amish made cookies
Koozies for each guest
Customized South Shore Brew Bus Gift for the special person of the day

What is not included?

Driver’s Gratuity:
Our Driver’s don’t just sit in the bus. They’ll guide you at each stop & go the extra mile for your groups. (Grab water, tables, carry your purchases, take your pictures throughout the day. Don’t make tipping complicated with math and percentages. Remember, it’s less a gratuity than it is an investment in above-and beyond service next time around. (Industry Standard is 18-20%)

What are the Start times for the All Inclusive Winery Tours?

Pickup time options: 10am, 10:30am, 11am, 11:30am, 12 pm EST
Let me know what works best for the group?

  • Most tours run 6-7 hours
  • Most wineries we work with close around 6-7pm EST
  • If your pickup location is out of the way from wineries we prefer the earlier start times
Can I rent the vehicles by the hour and make my own Itinerary?

Charter / Hourly rental Services:
We rent our Vehicles out by the hour ( Just transportation & Driver)
-5 hour minimum on all rentals
Buses & Vans (Holds Up to14 passengers)
$120 per hour
Lincoln Navigator ( Holds 4-7 passengers)
$80 per hour
Executive Style Mercedes Sprinter (Holds 6-9 passengers)
$140 per hour

Can I drink on the South Shore Brew Bus?

Yes, you can! Indiana state law states that if you are in a “vehicle for hire” passengers can consume alcohol in the passenger compartment only behind the white line. However this is a grown adult tour and we hope everyone drinks responsible and does not act a fool. If we feel anyone is too intoxicated to continue the tour we will end it and return you to your drop off.

How long will the tour last?

That depends on the tour and pickup location.
Brewery Tours average 5-6 hours.
Winery Tours average 6-7 hours.

Where do you pickup from? Can you pick us up from our AirBnb?

Pickup options:
Fuel & Pickup surcharge
Lake, Porter, LaPorte counties in Indiana:
$40 added to total balance ( not per person)
Berrien County Locations:
$60 added to total balance
South Bend / South Haven area Pickups:
$120 to total for pickup and drop off
Any other pickup location inquires:
Feel free to reach out and we can get you a price based on travel time and transportation costs.

Can I rent the bus for a private party?

Yes we only do private tours now thanks to Covid.

Is there water available on the bus?

Absolutely. Bottled water is provided and is included in the tour price.

Do we preorder our lunch?

Yes this a huge advantage. With everyone short staffed, preordering our lunches helps tremendously. 

Are there bathrooms available on the tour?

Each of our stops have bathrooms. There is no bathroom on the bus.

Which wineries / breweries do you go to? Can we pick them?

Once things get booked, we send over some information for the day with a list of them we are partnered with and that play nice in the sand box. Some establishments do not take buses, limos or bachelorette parties.

How do the wineries do the tastings?

We go to about 12 different wineries and they all do things just a little different. Some may do 3,4 , 5 samples all with different ounces per sample. Trust me you will get a nice dosage of crushed grapes on the wine tours.

What is the cancellation policy?

Normal Cancellation Policy: Canceling prior to 30 days of the departure date a Full refund will be granted. Cancelling within 30 days the deposit will not be refunded but can be transferred for future tour.

GUESTS IN YOUR PARTY CANCELLING AFTER THE INVOICE IS DUE AND WITHIN 1 WEEK FROM YOUR TOUR DATE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! (Example: Becky got too hungover Friday night and now is too hungover to go today) Becky will not be refunded!

Can we take the glasses from the stops?

If someone is caught stealing glasses, merchandise or supplies from our small business partnered wineries / breweries we will end the tour immediately with no refund. Please just buy the glasses and support small businesses.

What happens if it rains or snows?

Generally, tours occur regardless of weather, but we reserve the right to cancel in the event that weather is severe enough!!!

What if people get too drunk or unruly?

South Shore Brew Bus and partners reserve the right to refuse service or participation in the tour to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. If your behavior is inappropriate and disrupts other guests you may be asked to leave the tour and return to the starting point at your own expense.

Are we handicap accessible?

Unfortunately we are not handicap accessible.